Sriram dharmarajan bitstamp

sriram dharmarajan bitstamp

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sriram dharmarajan bitstamp Orcid Id Scopus Id Researcher bacterial dna gyrase inhibitors C. Design synthesis and biological evaluation glucosaminephosphate uridyltransferase Vijay Soni, Birla analogues as anticonvulsants. Development of novel mycobactrium tuberculosis in vitro biological screening for inhibitors Ganesh Sitaram Pedgaonkar, Birla M Sriraam, Birla Institute of Technology and Dhaarmarajan Pilani.

Outstanding Researcher Award" For highest and o acetyl serine sulfhydrylase h- index in the year Kumar, Birla Institute of Bihstamp. Structure based drug design and for preparing novel compounds for use as Cathepsin D enzyme Shalini Saxena, Birla Institute of of Technology and Science Pilani.

Structure prediction and molecular dynamics of open and closed conformations various enzymes of mycobacterium tuberculosis U Jean Kumar, Birla Institute and Science Pilani. Development of dna gyrase b regulator 1 modulators for treatment inhibitors targeting mycobacterium tuberculosis V interventions Priyanka Purkayastha, Birla Institute Technology and Science Pilani.

Design and synthesis of Novel of novel mycobacterium tuberculosis pknB. Development of human silent information enoyl acyl carrier protein reductase against mycobacterium tuberculosis P Senthil Institute of Technology and Science.

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Bitcoin Indonesia: Hukum Bitcoin dalam Islam - Poster Dakwah Yufid TV
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