Crypto inflation hedge

crypto inflation hedge

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Bitcoin's fixed supply makes it a good inflation hedge. When an asset's supply is fixed and limited, it means that new coins cannot enter circulation � thereby. A hedge against inflation is an asset or investment that maintains or increases its value over time while protecting against adverse price fluctuations. Bitcoin is a potential inflation hedge and flight to quality, offering a fixed supply, responding resiliently to global economic challenges.
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  • crypto inflation hedge
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  • crypto inflation hedge
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Due to the tokenomics behind bitcoin, many savvy investors believe that bitcoin is a hedge against the loss of purchasing power experienced in many fiat currencies. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been touted as a hedge or safeguard against inflation. Many investors see this as an opportunity to invest in government bonds � and consequently, they have been purchasing and investing in government bonds over other assets like stocks and crypto. Traders can pay one-off commissions to own Bitcoin.