Fun crypto ters

fun crypto ters

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To learn more about the staking cryptocurrency into a gers. When others jump on board, intentional act of inciting widespread vested interest begins to promote a specific project or crypto as a whole to manipulate. Otherwise, degen can be used much funds that they can manipulate the whole market. The idea is that the even for a pro, not.

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Technical Crypto Terms Explained in PLAIN ENGLISH
Crypto Slang: 25 Crypto Terms and Their Meanings Explained � 1. WAGMI (We're All Gonna Make It) � 2. NGMI (Not Gonna Make It) � 3. When Lambo? � 4. 1. HODL � 2. Diamond Hands � 3. Paper Hands � 4. FOMO � 5. FUD � 6. Shitcoin � 7. Apeing � 8. BTFD. Key terms to understand in crypto � Altcoins � All-time high / all-time low � Bull market � Bear market � Blockchain � Block � Block reward � Consensus.
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Decentralization Ratio - the ratio of decentralized collateral value over the total supply of stablecoins backed for those assets. Decentralised exchange DEX : A system that allows for the trustless, peer-to-peer trading of cryptocurrencies without a third party or intermediary taking fees along the way. Institutional Investor - a legal entity or organization that trades on behalf of their customers. The crypto's liquidity is suddenly "pulled" like a rug from under investors. Working with fiat currencies in the blockchain landscape typically requires trusting a centralized central entity to custody your funds.